About ERC

ERC is an invitation-only, a limited member group formed by four nationally recognized business valuation and forensic accounting professionals for the purpose of sharing resources, technical assistance, and collaborating on engagements and best practices.

The principals believe that the combined intellectual capital of ERC creates a resource connection for its members providing fresh and unique insight, growth and profitability, new market identification, and creative solutions.

Information, Resources & Accessibility

  • Technical Skills, Collaboration, Brain Power, Etc. (emails, chat rooms)
  • Discounts for commonly used resources in their profession.
  • Presentations, Reports, Workpaper files, Etc. (solely at the discretion of ERC members)
  • Work assistance. Ability to get assistance on work that you may not normally take on. Can work-share with other members.
  • Networking events – both formal sessions and social events. Usually in conjunction with conferences that ERC members are attending.

Member criteria:

  • By invitation only
  • Individual memberships only. Firm memberships not offered at this time
  • Credentialed with at least one approved professional organization
  • Minimum of 7 years experience required
  • Testimony experience
  • Geographic diversity
  • Practice Mix – those that do Business Valuations & Forensic Accounting in Litigation Settings